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Organizations Dealing with International Issues

Military LInks
NATO Gopher
United Nations
U.S. Peace Institute
Electronic Embassy
The European Union
Friends and Partners
Global Democracy Network
The World Bank Home Page
International Monitor Insitute
Resources on Global Conflict
The War & Peace Foundation
Center for Post Soviet Studies
Center for Defense Information
Midcoast World News Exchange
Jane's Information Group Home Page
Greenpeace International Home Page
Open Society Institute Soros Foundation
International Atomic Energy Agency, IAEA
Defense Conversion/Disarmament Web Site
The International Society for Individual Liberty
ISN, International Relations & Security Network
NIS Assistance, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan

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ClariNet News on Peace Talks
ClariNet News on the United Nations
ClariNet News on World Organizations

Human Rights Organizatons

Amnesty International Online
Human Rights Watch Gopher
International Monitor Insitute
Committee to Protect Journalists
ClariNet News on Human Rights
ClariNet News on Political Murders
The Human Rights Web Home Page

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Organizations Dealing With Refugees

IGC Refugee Resources
RefWorld News Reports
ClariNet News on Refugees
VITA Repots on World Disasters
United Nations High Commission on Refugees

United States Government Agencies

U.S. Army LInk
U.S. White House
U.S. House of Representatives
Office of the Director of the CIA
United States Department of State
U. S. Immigration and Nationality Act
National Technical Information Service (NTIS)

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